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About Our Church

Dr. Arthur Escobedo, along with his wife Pastor Peggy, serve as founding and Senior Pastors of Praise Center Church in Visalia, California. Dr. Arthur was called to start a  Spanish Church in 1983, followed by English service in 1990, and thus Praise Center Church was established.

Dr. Arthur and Pastor Peggy Escobedo have been married since 1978, the same year Pastor Peggy began her career as a registered nurse. She retired in 2019 from a career as a registered nurse and clinical educator to work full-time in ministry. Dr. Arthur was ordained through Evangelical Church Alliance in 1981 and obtain his Doctor of Divinity in 2013 from Summit Bible College. They have three adult children and four grandchildren. 

Both Dr. Arthur and Pastor Peggy Escobedo feel called to minister restoration of the broken spirit back in the right relationship with God, healing in the body and soul, as well as teaching practical Christian living. This ministry is conducted in weekly both English and Spanish services in the local church facility at the heart of Visalia and is live-streamed on Praise Center Church YouTube channel. Recorded services are also transmitted via antenna TV (Ventana TV), local radio (El Buen Samaritano) and international radio (Radio Nueva Vida) weekly throughout the Latin world. Dr. Arthur has also traveled the world preaching, teaching and praying for the sick.

As a Church, we are excited to continue to serve our community and together we can live for God, love people, and change the world.